What is it like being a Travel Trainer?

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Jaki structures her training with weekly plans for the young person to follow and always ask for their feedback. She says this is the most rewarding job of her career so far!

Travel training as a rewarding job
Travel training as a rewarding job

“I start work between 6.45am and 7.00am and I’m outside the young person’s house for 8.00am. I finish the journey with them between 8.45am and 9.00am, and then I have a break before starting the afternoon shift. I arrive at the school by 2.45pm and I finish working with the young person between 4.00pm and 4.30pm. I then update the assessment tool with the young person’s progress.

In the first few days with a young person I will find out what knowledge they have of travelling on their own and I will explain how the training works. By the end of their first week I will have created an individual plan for the young person and gone through it with them.

I give the young person a weekly plan so they know what tasks we will be covering. I use scenarios to help discuss some of the tasks. I focus on moving the young person forward each week with their training. I will recap a task if necessary to ensure that the young person fully understands and I always give the young person an opportunity to give their feedback. By the end of the training I encourage the young person to travel the entire journey independently and I meet them at the end of the journey.

I respect each young person, get to know them and give them praise. I make sure that the young person is kept safe during their training and I give feedback to their parents weekly. This is the first job I have had in my career that I thoroughly enjoy and I find it rewarding when I train a young person to travel independently.”