What is it like being a Travel Trainer?

Our Travel Trainers tell their stories


Stephen A

Stephen always makes sure that his trainees feel they can ask any questions they need to or feedback any concerns that they have. He enjoys seeing young people achieving their goals.

Travel training as a rewarding job
Travel training as a rewarding job

“My start and finish times vary, depending upon where the travel trainee lives and which route we take to and from school, any time from 7.30am pick up and 5.00pm drop off back to home.  

“It is important to establish a trusting relationship in the first few days so that the young person feels comfortable to ask any questions or feedback any concerns.  It is also important to let them know the travel training procedures and expectations; appropriate behaviour, punctuality, attendance etc.

“As the training progresses, there is usually evidence of growing confidence in the young person as they become more able to make their own decisions, choose alternative routes etc.  When the young person has gained enough confidence, I start the shadowing programme.  I discuss this with the line manager first, to make sure they agree that the young person is ready to start this stage of the training. I monitor their behaviour from a short distance, to make sure they are keeping to the rules; crossing the road at a green light, looking both ways etc.

“All work is recorded on HCT’s electronic system.  There are a series of questions about the client’s achievements, marked in red and green.  At the start of the training many areas are marked in red, but as the training progresses these red areas change to green, meaning that the young person has achieved their goals.  At the end of a period of training, I also record an overall summary of how they progressed.”