Robert is a 16-year old with a learning disability who has recently successfully undertaken travel training with HCT Group in Camden as part of our work with Camden Council.

Prior to receiving his training, Robert used to take a specialist SEN bus to school. After a period of 7 weeks of one-to-one training and shadowing, Robert is now able to travel independently.

Robert out and aboutIn addition to being able to travel to school independently, Robert has described a number of positive outcomes as a result of his new-found independence. These include including being able to cope with travelling in crowds, knowing how to get himself to places and being able to leave later as his journey doesn’t take as long.

He was particularly proud of route planning a journey on a day when the tubes and buses weren’t running, without needing to ask for help. Robert says that he now feels more connected to his community ‘I say good morning to my neighbours and they say it back, which I like, because they see me every day. I enjoy having a talk and passing the time of day with the train staff in the morning and afternoon.’

Robert’s parents are pleased with the results too, reporting that he is ‘less anxious and less tired from being on the bus so long’. They also felt he was ‘more chatty, and confident in himself’.

Robert’s advice for others considering travel training is ‘give it a go, it’s a good idea and better than being on the school bus!’

Independent travel training has unlocked not just the journey to school, but Robert’s sense of place in his community, his self-confidence and independence – a real social impact.

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