Vuk has been learning to travel on public transport with our Independent Travel Training programme in Camden, London.

Vuk going shopping for his motherVuk’s original goal was to learn how to travel independently to his special school, but the skills he acquired have opened up a huge range of opportunities. Rather than staying on at his school’s sixth form, Vuk has been able to attend a mainstream college, now goes shopping for his mother and out with friends in central London - he has even visited his brother in Loughborough.

‘I used to have limited travel before,’ explains Vuk. ‘I can now travel lots more places. I have recently been to Nandos for a friend’s birthday party. I am glad I could go as we have a really strong friendship. I also like to go bowling, I went to the one in Trafalgar Square with two friends from my old school.

‘I have just finished my first year at college and will start the next one in September. I have many ways to get to college, I could walk but I like to take the tube and bus because it is quicker. I enjoy college because I have a few good friends who I enjoy chilling out with and laughing and joking.

‘Sometimes at the weekend or after college I go shopping for my mum to the big Sainsbury’s in Camden. Sometimes my mum comes as well, but I like it better when I go on my own. I have now been twice to see my brother in Loughborough. My mum is worried that I will miss my stop and end up in Derby, but I’m not worried.’

Vuk’s mother, Svetlana, has also seen the difference that the programme has made. ‘The travel training has built his self-confidence, which has helped him to grow up and be more responsible,’ said Svetlana. ‘It has helped Vuk to improve his independence so he doesn’t have to rely on me for everything. He now has ambitions for his future which he didn’t have before. He is really proud of himself

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