Gain confidence and independence

With our independent travel training we can help you gain confidence and build new life skills. Becoming an independent traveller can open up lot of new opportunities outside of your normal daily activities. Meeting up with friends, visiting the cinema, shopping or going to watch football all become possible with the right support and guidance.

Travelling independently is also important for your long term future education and employment opportunities. Becoming confident with travelling now is great preparation when you start to think about going to college or getting a job.

Whats involved?

Our training will help you with the following;

• Using public transport
• Safe walking routes
• Planning safe journeys
• Timetables
• Problem solving
• Personal safety
• Road safety
• …and much more

Find Out More

To begin with speak to your parents/guardian or one of your teachers at school. They will be keen to discuss how they can support you making the next steps to travelling independently and will make the next steps to contact us.

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